Some of our Current Special Projects and Campaigns:

  Equality for All Families

In May 2006, the ICCL published a policy paper entitled Equality for All Families which highlighted very serious inequalities faced by many people in Ireland today such as lone parents, same-sex couples, opposite-sex couples, reconstituted families and unmarried fathers. The central problem in Irish law is the constitutional definition of the family only protects the traditional married family, leaving all others without protection. The ICCL’s ‘Equality for All Families’ campaign is designed to raise awareness of this issue and to build political momentum to amend the Constitution to ensure it protects all families in Ireland.

Equality & Rights Alliance (ERA)

The ICCL is an active member of the Equality & Rights Alliance (ERA) which is a newly-formed coalition of over 50 civil society groups seeking to ensure the promotion and enhancement of human rights, equality and social justice in Ireland. ERA formed in response to the Government’s proposal to merge the Equality Authority, the Equality Tribunal, the National Disability Authority, the Data Protection Commissioner and the Irish Human Rights Commission (IHRC), and is continuing its work in the aftermath of the savage cuts suffered by the IHRC and Equality Authority in the October 2008 budget.

Women and the Refugee Experience. Towards a Statement of Best Practice. ICCL and Irish Times June 2000

  • Publication
  • June 8, 2000

Women and the Refugee Experience. Towards a Statement of Best Practice. ICCL and Irish Times June 2000

Women's Rights as Human Rights. ICCL March 1997

  • Publication
  • March 8, 1997

Women's Rights as Human RightsStrategies and Analyses from the ICCL Working Conference on Women's Rights as Human Rights

Equality Now for Lesbians and Gay Men

  • Publication
  • March 16, 1990

Lesbians and gay men in this country are actively struggling for their basic human rights, both to equal respect as persons and to the opportunity to live and work as freely and openly as any other citizen, without encountering prejudicial discrimination.

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