ICCL Strategic Plan 2017-2020 - Defending Rights at a Critical Moment

ICCL has set out an ambitious vision for the next phase in our work, reflecting the critical challenges facing civil liberties and human rights at this time, and identifying key areas where ICCL can deliver real change over the coming years.


The Irish Council for Civil Liberties is the foremost civil liberties organisation in Ireland with a long and successful track record of defending human rights and civil liberties, including at times when the political climate was often hostile to their protection. Fully independent of government and fearless in our advocacy for human rights, we have been at the forefront of all the key human rights debates in Irish society, making a significant impact on law, policy and public opinion. Ireland is a freer and more equal society today because of ICCL’s work.


Now, Ireland is at a critical moment for the protection of human rights. Global political developments present grave new risks to rights and freedoms. Concerns about migration and terrorism, and the potential for populist exploitation of those concerns, are also not confined by national borders. The BREXIT vote in the United Kingdom and attacks on the UK Human Rights Act pose very direct threats to the protection of human rights on the island of Ireland. New dangers are also emerging with the potential of new technologies to compromise individual rights.


This is a moment when defence of our hard-fought human rights protections is more important than ever, and it is essential that a strong ICCL is in place to defend individual rights and vulnerable and marginalised communities. We have a strong record in using our expertise in human rights law and our standing in political and public debate to achieve real change in the protection of human rights in Ireland. We believe that ICCL has an essential role to play in shaping the future of Ireland and in ensuring that human rights are central to political and public discourse, and we have identified a number of key issues on which ICCL will be able to deliver important reforms over the coming years.


We believe in the importance of a rich and vibrant civil society to the health of our democracy and to the protection and enjoyment of human rights, and we will focus on ICCL’s role as an independent non-governmental organisation and as a fearless voice defending and promoting human rights in Irish society. There is a pressing need for a strong and independent ICCL and the Board of ICCL recognises its responsibility to ensure the long-term sustainability of ICCL as an independent non-governmental organisation. Over the period of this Plan, ICCL will increase and expand our influence and capacity, both through growing as an organisation and by strengthening our alliances, our strategic relationships and our support base.

 Download ICCL's Strategic Plan 2017-2020 here

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